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Save on labour by automatically drafting cows as they exit the shed.

Choose how you set and manage drafts: in and around the shed using the mobile app, in-shed with the keypad and display or online using MiHub Dairy Herd Management Software.


Mobile app works through local Wi-Fi network so no need for internet access to set drafts around the shed
Remembers previous drafts to easily identify cows for follow up treatments
Optional: In-shed display and keypad to action on-the-spot animal management decisions

Integrates with MiHub Dairy Herd Management Software 



Smartphone app available from Google Play or App Store  
Optional: In-shed display and keypad  
Pneumatic galvanized steel drafting gate  
Controller with long tether  
EID Reader and Antenna protected by a slim-line galvanized steel reader shield  
MiHub Dairy Herd Management Software  
Command unit which connects in-shed actions with MiHub Dairy Herd Management Software  


Rotary or herringbone  


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