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Heat Detection

Heat Detection

Increase your heat detection accuracy to maximise your AB program.

The combination of an infrared heat scanner with self adhesive heat patches will act as a second pair of skilled eyes and alert you to signs of standing heat to help you improve your 6-week in-calf rate. A good 6-week in-calf rate will mean you’re able to produce more milk, cows recover sooner and start cycling earlier. Submitting cows while they are on heat means you’ll have fewer empties and less straw wastage saving you money.


Integrates with Autodrafter Module cows on heat are automatically drafted for your inspection after milking
Flashing light and audible buzzer will alert you to manually draft on heat cows
Self-adhesive patches for quick application

Infrared scanning technology for continued effectiveness in all light conditions 


  • Heat Detector patches (sold separately)
  • Heat Scanner (can be integrated into your existing system or can be installed as a standalone device in rotary sheds )
  • Flashing light and audible buzzer



  • Rotary and Herringbone  

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