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Help with NAIT


About NAIT

How do I read my RFID (EID) Tags?

What EID reader is right for me?

How do I get my EID tag file to NAIT?

About NAIT

NAIT is mandatory for cattle and will be mandatory for deer from 1 March 2013.

To comply with the NAIT scheme you need to;

  • Have your NAIT number.
    If you do not have one yet visit to get it. Getting your NAIT number is straightforward and takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Tag your cattle and deer with NAIT-approved radio frequency identification device (RFID) ear tags. NAIT-approved RFID tags are the only mandatory tags required for cattle since 1 July 2012.
  • Register your cattle and deer in the NAIT IT System
  • Record all movements of cattle or deer on or off the farm in the NAIT IT System. If you send your animals to a NAIT-accredited sale yard or meat processor they will record the movement for you.
  • Record all deaths, losses or exports of live cattle or deer in the NAIT IT System.

To find out more about the NAIT scheme, your NAIT obligations or for step by step user guides on the NAIT IT System please visit where you will find NAIT fact sheets and user guides.

Tru-Test has partnered with accredited NAIT Information Service providers, AgTrac, who are able to assist with ‘farm to farm’ compliance. AgTrac can also assist with NAIT registration.  Just phone us 0800 2MEASURE (2632 787) for more help and information.


How do I read my RFID (EID) Tags?

Tru-Test has a range of EID Tag readers that can be used in different scenarios to read tags. You can choose to use a reader with onboard memory to collect the tag numbers that can then be downloaded to a PC for uploading to NAIT, or you may choose to use a reader that integrates to as weigh scale. In the latter case the EID tag number will be recorded in the weigh scale and can then be uploaded to a PC for uploading to NAIT.  It really depends on your needs.


What EID reader is right for me?

When choosing an EID reader there are several considerations depending on your type of farming operation and whether you intend  to use your EID reader for weighing or managing animal movement. There is the option of either a portable reader or fixed panel reader with advantages for each.

The Tru-Test range of portable readers feature the  XRS2  and SRS2 EID Stick Readers and the ERS Handheld reader. All readers are cordless with built in Bluetooth® technology and are therefore suitable for tag reading along a race or in a pen and or where there is no handling equipment available e.g. cattle crush/chute or sheep handling equipment.

By comparison a panel reader is an ideal hands free option for use in a crush/chute situation when weighing and is particularly effective when integrated with a sheep auto drafter for reading large mobs of animals.


The ERS Handheld Reader  eliminates the hassle of manually reading and recording tags on lively stock. EID’s can be quickly recorded by waving the reader past the animal’s ear. Easily download tag information by connecting the reader to your computer. Pairing with a weigh scale indicator enables you to monitor individual animal performance by recording weights and other information against an animal’s EID tag. By doing this you can accurately identify poor performers, catch health issues early or split animals into groups.



The SRS2 Stick Reader  allows you to quickly and easily read, record and transfer EID tag information. Keep track of individual animals with the easy-to-use, ergonomically designed SRS2 EID Stick Reader. Suitable for cattle, sheep and deer, the SRS2 features a large, highly readable screen to display the session count, EIDs and pre-loaded VID numbers. Bluetooth® wireless technology connects with your Weigh Scale Indicator and means you can easily send session information to NAIT.


The XRS2 Stick Reader  is a designed to make capturing and managing individual animal information easy. Maximise individual animal performance and back up critical health, mating and culling decisions by using the XRS2 EID Stick Reader to view and capture animal information. Suitable for cattle, sheep and deer, the XRS2 features a large, highly readable screen and alphanumeric keypad for capturing important information from the yard. Bluetooth® wireless technology connects your reader to your Weigh Scale Indicator and means you can easily share information using your smartphone.

The XRP2 panel reader  is also designed to pair with an EID capable weighing system and is predominantly used by sheep and beef farmers for integration with sheep/cattle auto drafting systems or for sheep EID operations in reading large volumes of animals where it has the potential to remove a task or even a labour unit.



How do I get my EID tag file to NAIT?

Data Link

The most common way to get EID tag files to NAIT is to use the Data Link software supplied with your Tru-Test EID Reader or Weigh Scale. Session files containing EID tag numbers can be downloaded from the device to your computer using Data Link, whereby the file is automatically configured for the required NAIT movement or registration. All you need to do is add in your NAIT number and in some cases the date before uploading the file to NAIT.


Data Link App – Android and Apple Smartphone

The Tru-Test Data Link App is a free application which enables you to use your Smartphone to easily download session files stored on your Tru-Test EID Reader or Weigh Scale. Session files can be either sent directly to NAIT or emailed back to the office. Data Link App for Android and iOS is compatible with the following Tru-Test products: XRS2, SRS2, ERS and XRS Portable Readers,  XRP2 EID Reader, XR5000/ID5000 & XR3000/ID3000 Weigh Scales, EziWeigh7i, Tru-Test Bluetooth dongle accessory.


It is important to note that all animals need to be registered on the NAIT database before you can record a movement.

If you need assistance just phone us on 0800 TRU-TEST (878 8378).