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In-line Sensor


Daily cow information for better informed decisions and greater profitability

Aware some cows are struggling but the signs aren’t being easily picked up? Could your herd to be more profitable if you could track their individual production?

Do you worry if you’re going to grade or whether your plant is being cleaned or maintained properly?

Stepping up to an In-line Sensor solution will provide you with significant benefits from dairy automation and a substantial return on your investment.


"We use MilkHub's mastitis detection to help us stay on top of our BMSCC. MilkHub alerts us to cows to check, we mark them and strip them or keep an eye on them for a few milkings. The worse thing for us would be to have a mastitis problem and have to RMBT or strip the entire herd. We don't have to do that."
- Henry Cowley, Farm Owner, Waikato

Watch these three short videos to see how Farm Manager of the Year Richard Pearse uses MilkHub Sensors to help achieve very low somatic cell counts (70,000 in the first year on Grajan Farm)

Milking Herd ManagementIn-shed PracticeMiHub Mastitis Reports



The measurements you want
Cow mastitis, yield, plant cleaning and milking measurements in one compact, easy to install, cost effective sensor
Install and forget the sensor – it cleans in place, has no moving parts, no reagent, and no effect on vacuum
Save time, money and stress in managing mastitis – just check cows the sensor ranks every milking for likely mastitis – no need to strip the whole herd
Know individual cow production from yield measurements for every cow milked and keep an eye on your low producers
Have confidence your cleaning process is up to standard and avoid hygiene grades
Be sure your plant is milking properly, find bails with faulty rubberware or air leaks
MiHub Premium gives you more
Quickly find sick cows from change in mastitis or yield measurements
Drill down to get details of cow mastitis symptoms and yield, looking back in time to see how cows are performing
Compare cows against herd or group trends to find poor performers
Use built-in ranked lists to find cows most in need of action
Easily sort, select and make groups of cows based on age, health, feed mob, breeding status or any criteria you wish
Quickly look across the whole herd with easy to read graphs to show performance spread and exceptions
Look at herd trends for seasonal tracking and performance so you can take timely action
Quickly set up and control the information and alerts you want to display in-shed for immediate action at cups on or cups off
Information in-shed when and where you need it
See cow performance at a glance on the large easy to read MilkHub Display Screen with cow in-bail information, colour coded alerts, groups and more
Take action when it counts from display and sounder alerts at cups on or cups off – before health problems set in
Enter your treatments or events using the Keypad at cups on or cups off to maintain cow records and automatically generate and display cow withholding alerts
Quickly enter breeding heats, AB’s and PD’s using the Keypad to record against the cow and display as breeding status.
Fix incorrect and missing VIDs on the spot with the Keypad




  • Over platform Tru-Test EID antenna and reader technology identifies and records individual cows by EID as they come onto the rotary platform
  • Sensors on every bail monitor mastitis and yield for every cow
  • Cleaning and plant results displayed on in-shed screen at end of milking
  • Keypad entry for treatments, events and alerts
  • Full cow history, cow alerts and withholds displayed on in-shed screen
  • System delivers all available cow information to MiHub Premium Online Herd Management tool


  • In-bail Identification
  • 4-in-1 sensors mounted in-line at every bail
  • Large in-shed display screen
  • Keypad, Pull-cord and Sounder
  • In-shed Command Unit and Cellular Connection
  • MiHub Premium Online Herd Management tool


  • Rotary


  • Automatic Drafting & EID Herd Tracking
  • Walk Over Weighing
  • Automatic Heat Detection
  • Additional In-shed Display Screen and Keypad
  • In-bail Feed Control


4-in-1 sensor


  • Measurement of first foremilk of every cow
  • Alerts for checking cows likely to have mastitis (to save stripping whole herd)
  • Measurement stored for every cow, every milking
  • Individual cow level compared to the herd as one indication of mastitis (Mastitis Ratio)
  • Change in individual cow level as additional indication of mastitis (Prime Mastitis)
  • Mastitis ranking (from worst to best indicator) for alerts in-shed on Display Screens
  • Mastitis trend lines viewed in MiHub Online Herd Management tool
  • Mastitis measurements in combination with yield, weight, treatments for complete health picture in MiHub
  • In-shed alerts from MiHub using any mastitis related data


  • Volume yield to find poor producing cows
  • Measurement of instantaneous milk flow
  • Summing flow 10 times a second to get volume yield
  • Individual cow yield compared to the herd average (Yield Ratio)
  • Change in yield as an indication of yield trend (Prime Yield)
  • Yield ranking (from lowest to highest) for alerts in-shed
  • Yield in litres when calibrated from tanker pickup in MiHub
  • Yield ranking and trend reports in MiHub
  • Yield measurements in combination with mastitis, weight, treatments for complete health picture in MiHub
  • Yield ranking in combination with weight for milking efficiency


  • Bail milking performance to ensure correct milking operation
  • Measurement of milk flow characteristics of all cows cupped on each bail
  • Long term average characteristic to eliminate the cow effect and expose the underlying bail characteristics
  • Individual bails compare the platform average characteristic to give likely cup slip (Slip Ratio), air in milk (Air Ratio) and milking time (Duration Ratio)
  • Results and alerts presented in-shed as a plant summary on Display Screens
  • Alerts presented on MiHub reports


  • Bail cleaning performance to ensure correct cleaning
  • Measurement of cleaning solution flow characteristics on each bail
  • Result for cleaning at the end of each milking
  • Bail figures for each bail for flow volume (Volume, range normal range 1 to 10), flow rate (Flow, 1 for normal full flow), and cleaning temperature (Temperature, target hot water >65 degree C)
  • Results and alerts presented in-shed as a plant summary on Display Screens
  • Alerts presented on MiHub reports




  • Installation by Tru-Test MilkHub installers.
  • Mounted onto the main milk line, the long milk hose is connected directly onto the in-line sensor and from there onto the main milk line
  • There is no effect on flow or vacuum
  • Minimal 2-wire ring connection to all sensors for simple and reliable installation
  • Communicates wirelessly off the rotary platform, no additional wiring onto the platform