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MilkHub Dairy Automation & Herd Management Solutions

MilkHub is a dairy automation solution that can track performance and support your decisions. Comprising of several modular components, information from each milking is collected and wirelessly transmitted to the MiHub Online Herd Management tool.

The information from MilkHub, managed in MiHub, gives you knowledge about your cows allowing you to make better decisions so you can farm with confidence. MiHub Connect enabled by CRV allows you direct access to the National Dairy Database so there is no need for double entry.


“MilkHub has completely changed the way we farm. I like to be in control and have things how I want them so we’ve styled the way we use MilkHub and MiHub for our farm. This way we make the best use of the resources we’ve got because we are in the business of farming for profit.”
- Kerry Waters, Farm Manager, Taranaki



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Issue 2 for summer 2014, a special Heat Detection edition – full of the latest news, promotional deals and case studies from around the country.

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