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Fastweigh Sheep Crate

Lightweight, versatile, fully integrated sheep weighing system with built-in load cell.

The Tru-Test FastWeigh Sheep Crate is extremely versatile and can be used in portable yards, in a race before the drafting gate and even on the back of an ATV!

Its unique design with no gates allows for fast stock flow whilst the FastWeigh squeeze mechanism holds sheep for fast accurate weighing.

Easy to move and easy to set up, FastWeigh makes light work of weighing sheep.

Fast. Open ended crate with no gates allows fast stock flow of up to 600 sheep or lambs per hour.
Accurate. FastWeigh squeeze mechanism holds sheep for fast and accurate weighing.
Durable. Integrated load cell cable protected within the frame.
Reliable. Built in Tru-Test weighing sensors are protected from stock damage and ensure fast accurate weighing.


Key Features
  • Easy set up. Comes ready to use.
  • Easy to transport. Relocatable using almost any farm vehicle.
  • Lightweight. Portable alloy construction makes the FastWeigh esy to more to different locations.
  • Flexible. Compatible with all Tru-Test weigh scale indicators. Fits more current race dimensions.

Technical Specification

340 mm (W) x 900 mm (H)
1,250 mm
29.5 kg