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Plate Meters

Plate Meters monitor pasture growth, calculate pasture and dry matter and help to create effective feed budgets. We offer three Plate meter tools, ranging from basic electronic readers, to Bluetooth capable models, which include software and tools for accurate grass measurement and management.

New case design!

Integrated design – no loose mounts!
Protected potentiometer
Less maintenance
No bottom plastic to come loose
Retained battery holder cannot fall out



Feature Electronic Plate Meter
Electronic Plate Meter
Electronic Bluetooth® Plate Meter
Electronic Plate Meter
Automatically records readings and calculates pasture cover.
Pasture Management Software
Makes feed budgeting quick, easy and accurate.
Visual Data Display Only
Displays data for a single paddock.
Internal Data Storage & USB Transfer  
Stores data for up to 99 paddocks, download via USB.

Stores data for up to 200 paddocks, download via USB.

Bluetooth Capable with Android App
Sync to your android device. Collect and store pasture data across multiple paddocks and multiple farms (requires android 4.3 or better).
Accurate Measurement
Second only to cutting, drying and weighing pasture samples.
Integrated Counter Case
Protects the potentiometre, less to go wrong, less maintenance required.
Measurement Range
0-250mm of compressed pasture height (0-400mm with option extended shaft).
Ensures readings taken by all plate meters are comparable.
High quality materials and accurate manufacturing ensure reliability and long service life.
Without changing reading accuracy, allowing new results to be compared to old.
Sample counter position can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.