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ProCool™ Glycol

On-demand snap chilling.

Rapidly reduce your milk temperature using a ProCool Glycol milk precooling solution. These systems use a mixture of food grade glycol and water to create the chilled fluid on demand, at milking time. With a correctly sized refrigeration unit, the system can chill milk to 4°C before entering the vat.

The compact glycol solution is ideal for farms with high water temperatures and a good supply of power during the milking period.


Suitable for areas with extreme ambient temperatures and can be designed to chill milk to 4˚C regardless of primary water supply
Uses a small volume of fluid; ideal for areas with severe water restrictions or high water temperatures
Several sizes of refrigeration unit available to suit your needs
Compact system
Tru-Test will supply, deliver, install and commission your system anywhere across New Zealand.

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