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ProCool™ Milk Pre-cooling

Protect your income by having the right cooling systems for your farm.

Efficiently cool milk before it enters the vat using reliable and cost-effective systems to chill milk quickly. Plate coolers, water chillers, ice and glycol systems are available and can be configured to meet your farm needs

Why pre-cool your milk?

Through the season, herd size, flow rates, water source temperatures change. You need certainty that your milk will be down to temperature before the tanker comes to collect it. Pre-cooling the milk before it reaches the vat is often the best way to confidently achieve low milk temperatures.

When assessing the best method of cooling on farm, a number of factors come into play; site constraints, power reliability, size of your herd, water availability and variable costs. Selecting the right pre-cooling system for your farm can help you to reduce energy costs by reducing peak power loads and ongoing shed operating costs. We provide an end-to-end service including expert advice, components, installation and ongoing support. Before recommending upgrades we come to farm to log your current system performance so you know what you need to do to comply with current and incoming regulations. The Tru-Test ProCool™ range of pre-cooling solutions can be configured to meet your specific on-farm needs.

ProCool™ Water Low constant draw, good for farms with power issues Large
ProCool™ Glycol

High power draw at same time as milking, not suitable for farms on single phase supply

ProCool™ Ice

Uses power between milkings available in single and three phase