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Weighing & EID

At Tru-Test Group, we’ve been designing and manufacturing accurate, rugged weighing systems for over 30 years.


Weighing replaces guess-work with facts, making it a powerful performance measurement tool for farmers. The information provided by Tru-Test weigh scales assists critical decision making about feed, health treatments and herd size management.

With our new MiHub Livestock Management software  (available for free with your Tru-Test weigh scale), it’s now even easier to turn your weighing data into simple, clear valuable insights that help you make your decisions.


Benefits of weighing

Ensure livestock are sold at the optimum weight grade – closely manage the weight gains of individual animals or mobs and tailor your feed and treatment inputs as required.

Minimise treatment waste – more accurately calculate drench/pour-on dosage based on the requirements of the individual animal to minimise treatment waste while also maximising the health of your livestock.

Monitor reproductive performance – closely monitoring the weight gain of offspring can help make breeding decisions to maximise reproductive performance.

Identify sick or lame animals early – regular weighing of individual animals means weight loss and other issues that manifest over time are identified quickly.


Why EID?

Tagging animals with an electronic (EID) tag provides an opportunity to better manage the individual performance of those animals.

Over time, an animal’s weight history can be tracked, good and bad performers can be identified and the input of resources managed to ensure profits are maximised.

Tru-Test EID readers deliver information about your livestock rapidly, by reading electronic ear tags on animals that are on a weigh platform, or running through a race. Individual animal information captured against EID tags can help inform your animal health, mating and culling decisions. All Tru-Test EID readers are rugged, reliable, 100% water and dust proof. Suitable for cattle, sheep and deer applications.

Our Range

At Tru-Test Group, we’ve been designing and manufacturing accurate, rugged weighing systems for over 30 years.


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How does EID work with your weigh system?

With a Tru-Test EID compatible weigh scale and an EID panel or stick reader, animals can be scanned at the time of weighing.

Individual animal weights and other traits can be recorded against each animal’s unique ID number. Information is stored within the weigh scale ready for you to view in the yard or back at the office.


Why Weigh? Weight gain for profit


Why Tru-Test?

At Tru-Test Group, we’ve been designing and manufacturing accurate, rugged weighing systems for over 30 years.

We believe we can always do better. It starts in our laboratory, AKA paddocks, sheds and stockyards. It’s the only place equipment can be developed that truly helps you track progress for better decision making. By listening and observing we figure out what will really make a difference. It’s also here we test each product’s worthiness to make sure it delivers. Every inch is tested, in the harshest conditions and by the people who use the gear.

For us it’s a partnership, and these partnerships are at the heart of our business – from design through to working out which product is best for your needs, and then making sure it works how you need it to.


For more information including How To videos and Set-up guides, visit Tru-Test Guides & Advice. To speak to one of our team directly or to find a stockist, contact us