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Electronic Identification (EID)

Why EID?

Tagging animals with an electronic (EID) tag provides an opportunity to better manage the individual performance of those animals.

Over time, an animal’s weight history can be tracked, good and bad performers can be identified and the input of resources managed to ensure profits are maximised.

Tru-Test EID readers deliver information about your livestock rapidly, by reading electronic ear tags on animals that are on a weigh platform, or running through a race. Individual animal information captured against EID tags can help inform your animal health, mating and culling decisions. All Tru-Test EID readers are rugged, reliable, 100% water and dust proof. Suitable for cattle, sheep and deer applications.


Tru-Test has worked hard to develop our range of electronic readers to be the best available in the market.

We’ve spent that time working closely with livestock producers to develop products that achieve one goal – to make your operation more profitable.

Using Electronic Identification (EID) ear tags can significantly speed up the weighing process, reduce errors from manual input and offer potential labor savings. When read by an EID reader, the EID tag automatically triggers the weigh scale indicator to recognize the animal, record the weight against it and bring up other information relevant to the animal.

Tru-Test offers portable ERS, SRS2 or XRS2 EID Stick Readers or the fixed XRP2 EID Panel Reader which has antenna options for cattle and small livestock setups.


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We believe in working closely with livestock producers, assisting with product consultation and selection, set-up and use, and after sale support.

So please don’t hesitate to contact Tru-Test Group for expert one-on-one advice.


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