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Newly launched XRP Panel Reader sets new performance levels with an EID system that handles all situations.

Tru-Test Group, the world leader in animal weighing, milk metering and electric fencing systems has taken a further step to help farmers increase animal performance and profitability.

The company has launched the XRP panel reader for EID tags. The XRP comes in two variants – for sheep and cattle – and has been developed to integrate seamlessly with Tru-Test’s weigh scales.

The key performance benefits of the XRP are greater read-rates and automatic tuning.

The XRP is made in Tru-Test Group’s Auckland R&D and manufacturing facility and will, in addition to its local use, play a key role in Tru-Test Group’s ongoing international expansion. The launch of Tru-Test branded EID products is a logical step for the company, which has approximately 80% of the global livestock weigh scales market.

“Producing our own panel reader allows us to offer farmers a complete Tru-Test stock management solution in any country in the world,” said Shane Dooley, Tru-Test Group category manager