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S1 Weigh System

Ideal for weighing show animals.

Track and nurture your animals’ growth to produce a healthy, prize winning animal.

Regularly weighing your animal is a great way to make sure it’s steadily growing and that you stay on track to hit your desired weight class at a future livestock show.

By having weight history and average daily gain data at your fingertips, you have the flexibility to increase or decrease feed consumption so that your animal is gaining weight at an appropriate pace.

Tracking your animals' growth can also help you make important health decisions. Weight loss can be an early indication of health issues or illness and knowing this information early means you can seek veterinary care as early as possible.

The S1 weigh system is easy-to-use, portable and safe and uses the same superior Tru-Test weighing technology used by professional producers.

Accurately track show animal performance.
Lightweight and portable for quick and easy set up.
Internal rechargeable battery.
Fast, accurate weighing.
Ideal for cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.
Recommended for use with the AP600 Platform or Small Animal Platform.

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Key Features

Highly visible display

High contrast LCD display with clearly visible numbers.

Easy to use

Simple display with only two buttons, on/off and zero.

Rugged design

Uses the same robust load cell connection as professional Tru-Test weigh scale indicators. Load bars are zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

Lightweight and portable

The system can be easily carried and transported by vehicle.

Stable non-slip feet

Load bars feature non slip rubber feet which do not need to be bolted down.

Superdamp™ III technology

Quickly and accurately captures the weight of a moving animal.

Auto weighing algorithm

Accurately weigh large or small animals using the same scale without changing any settings.

Durable case

IP65 waterproof housing.

Long life and fast charging internal battery

Up to 10 hours of run time and only 5 hours to recharge. Battery life indicator is shown on screen.


Zero out the accumulation of dirt or manure on the platform.

Weight stable light

Red LED illuminates when the weight is accurate and stable.

Plug and play load bar connection

No calibration is required. Simple single connection point.


Total weighing capacity up to 3,300 lbs.


2-year warranty

Technical Specification

23.82 x 7.27 x 6.85 inches (packaged)
29 lbs