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Set-Up Guides

Data Entry: Repeatable data entry with EID – no weighing or drafting

Drafting by data - no weighing or EID (e.g. pregnancy status)

Drafting by weight – using EID

Drafting: Autodrafting using a Prattley

Drafting: Autodrafting using a Racewell

Drafting: Weighing with EID, drafting by data (e.g. pregnancy status)

EID recording – no weighing, drafting or data entry

MINDA: Setting up your XR3000 to work with MINDA

MINDA: Weighing your animals using MINDA and the XR3000

Offspring Pairing in the 5000 series indicator

Pregnancy scanning connected to a BCF OVI-SCAN-6 scanner

Setup Guide - Connecting and using an Ovi-Scan 6 Pregnancy Scanner with a 5000 series indicator

Setup Guide - Drafting using a 5000 series weigh scale indicator

Treatments using the 5000 series indicator

Using Previous Session Information in the 5000 series indicator

Weighing setup – with EID, no drafting

Weighing: Setting up for weighing & data entry – using EID

Weighing: Simple weighing setup – no ID, no drafting