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Why measure?

To increase your profits. How does measurement increase profit? It replaces guess-work with facts, which means you can be precise when making key decisions. And, by making the right decisions on things like feed and health treatments, you maximize the return on your investment in each animal.

Why Weigh?

Tru‑Test Weigh Scale Indicators rapidly collect weight and other information about each individual animal on your ranch. This can give you a clear picture of how well your animals are performing, allowing you to track results and confidently make decisions on individual animal and herd size management.

Weighing gives you the ability to monitor average daily gain and body condition, measure feed consumption and input costs, administer treatment products correctly, identify poor performing animals early on, and make better breeding decisions. Though production goals and needs vary from one operation to another, weighing serves as the foundation behind greater efficiencies and increased profits.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure!

Key Benefits:

  1. ACCURACY - Replace guess-work with facts and you get an exact picture of the performance of your livestock.
  2. CONTROL - Information is power. You can make informed decisions regarding what action to take, when and how.
  3. PROFITABILITY - Taking calculated actions to improve the performance of each individual animal.



Why Track Animals Using EID?

EID (Electronic Identification) describes the process of using electronic ear tags to identify individual animals. Electronic ear tags contain a unique identification number. By scanning the EID ear tag with an EID reader, you can accurately, quickly and automatically identify an individual animal, eliminating the need to enter tag numbers manually. EID also makes it practical to record individual animal performance and other information.

Bringing up an animal’s full performance history instantly while you’re weighing in the field, helps you make important decisions quickly. EID also allows you to track new weight measurements and automatically link that data to your animal’s weight history. That information is then stored so you can analyze it and prepare reports later on your computer.

Having accurate performance information means you can integrate that data with every other aspect of your livestock operation – from measuring inputs to setting financial budgets. You can examine every part of your operation and know precisely which elements to adjust, and how far to adjust them, to maximize your profits.


The use of animal EID eliminates data entry errors and makes the overall cattle working process faster and more efficient.




How Does It Work?

Tru-Test Weigh Scale System

There are 3 core components to a Tru-Test Weigh Scale system.

Tru-Test Load Bars (A) and Load Cells. Fitted under a single animal platform in a standard alleyway, or under a squeeze chute or animal crate, Tru-Test load bars measure the weight of your animal. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, a highly corrosion resistant material, Tru-Test load bars are considered to be the best in the market.

Tru-Test Weigh Scale Indicator (C). The indicator captures the animal’s weight, calculating and displaying the information for infield decision making, as well as storing data for later use. You can also view weight history or other information you’ve previously entered, and enter additional data on the spot. Renowned for their reliability, Tru-Test indicators are rugged, durable, and simple to use.

Tru- Test Data Link Software (F). Supplied with the relevant indicator or stick reader, this software provides a simple, easy to use PC interface. The software enables recorded information to be easily downloaded to your PC, and new information to be uploaded to your indicator or to a XRS2 or SRS2 EID Stick Reader.

EID Readers

Using Electronic Identification (EID) Ear Tags (D) can significantly speed up the weighing process, reduce errors from manual input and offer potential labor savings. When read by an EID reader, the EID tag automatically triggers the weigh scale indicator to recognize the animal, record the weight against it and bring up other information relevant to the animal.

Tru-Test offers two options –  portable EID Readers (E) or the fixed XRP2 EID Panel Reader (B) which has antenna options for cattle and small livestock setups.