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Remote WOW

Get the power to weigh, analyse and manage your livestock from any location. 

Have up to date weigh data on your sale cattle to plan the optimum time to sell based on growth trajectories, market pricing or processor availability. Ensure your stock are performing as expected from anywhere in the world and only take action when required.

Real time, real data, really good looking

The Remote WOW system connects via 3G or satellite to Tru-Test’s online software, MiHub Livestock Management. Your daily weighing data is transformed into clearly presented graphs, generating powerful insights to help you identify trends and better manage your livestock. 


  • Remote WOW platform/crate
  • Scale and MP600 load bars
  • Tru-Test XRP2 EID antenna and reader
  • Solar panels, regulators and batteries
  • Still image camera
  • Online management software


Tru-Test MiHub Livestock Management
Group weights Overview stats Overview camera

View average, max, and min weights at the glance of an eye

Easily keep an eye on stock counts seen over the last 24 hours, 3 and 7 days

View the latest image available from the remote camera

Track how the group is performing to your target weights

Ensure the system is connected and the latest data is being received

Download the image as a PNG or PDF or quickly print it out

Simply review top and bottom performers and see who they are


Scroll through historic images

Key Features
  • Automatic up to date weights - Cattle weights are automatically updated in MiHub Livestock every seven days, which means you consistently have the latest stock weights, completely hands free.
  • Unique walk over weighing platform - The walk over platform can be disguised with soil, to create a natural walking surface for stock. This can reduce training time and adoption, while still providing the protection required for load bars.
  • Accurate weight trends - 94% of weights are captured with an accuracy of ±2.0% when using the weekly average of individual processed weights. MiHub Livestock shows graphs in a simple and easy to use way.
  • Remote still image camera - The remote camera takes photos at 9am, midday and 3pm, so you can keep an eye on the trough water level and your cattle. View the images in MiHub Livestock.
  • Robust waterproof enclosure - All electronics are stored in an IP67 enclosure. This is mounted in a rugged case and ensures the Remote WOW system withstands the harshest environments.
  • EID antenna - The EID antenna is mounted on hard wood rails, aiding EID read accuracy by reducing interference.
  • 3G or satellite connection - Comes in a 3G or a satellite connection option to cover all regions.
  • Drafter module - Add on the drafter module for hands free remote drafting.

Technical Specification

2.5M x 1M x 2.1M

Join the Remote WOW revolution

Contact our experienced in field experts. You’ll also have ongoing support from Tru-Test’s Customer Service and Technical Support Teams.

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0409 229 368

Gregg Blatchly | QLD & NT

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Cameron Lewis | NSW

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Peter Beard | WA

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“Licensed under Australian Patent 2005233651 owned by Sheep CRC Ltd.”

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