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Tru-Test Group, New Zealand’s world leader in animal weighing, EID readers, milk metering and electric fencing systems, is making hands-free EID-tag reading even easier with the launch of the XRP2 panel reader.

In the past three years there has been a sharp rise in the use of both panel readers (the XRP) and stick readers or ‘wands’ (the XRS).

The XRS has been the market leading stick reader and customers have asked Tru-Test to add some of the XRS’s features to the panel reader to meet the growing demand for hands-free. One of the main reasons has been the increasing use of EID on larger commercial flocks.

“The question is this. If you want hands-free flexibility and the ability to do large numbers it’s the panel reader. If you want flexibility to move locations it’s the stick reader,” Steven Whitaker, Product Manager says.


The Tru-Test SRS EID stick reader is now available in the market, offering an option for farmers who want to read tags but not necessarily capture and hold data on the stick reader itself.

The SRS is an entry level version of Tru-Test’s XRS, the winner of New Zealand’s supreme award for innovation in agriculture - the 2012 Agritech Product Innovation Award.

It enables farmers to put large numbers of stock through the yards thanks to the fastest ‘read-rate’ in the market, along with superior battery life which allows around 19 hours of solid use between charges.

Shane Dooley of Tru-Test Group says EID recording is growing rapidly, but not all farmers are at the same stage or have the same requirements when it comes to capturing and using the data.

“For farmers who don’t need the advanced features of the XRS, the SRS offers a simplified option for scanning tags, with the data wirelessly transferred to an EID capable indicator for capture.” Shane Dooley says.

“The user can then set the paired indicator to record just the EID tag data or other additional information such as animal weights or traits.”


Development likened to the leap from the ‘brick’ to the modern mobile phone.

Since the 1960s New Zealand’s Tru-Test Group has led the world in the development of proportionate flow milk meters and, more recently, in electronic animal weighing and electric fencing systems through brands Tru-Test, Stafix, Speedrite, PEL and Patriot.

Now the Auckland-based company aims to extend its international position in animal productivity management in a move Product Manager Shane Dooley likens to the “brick” becoming the modern mobile phone.

This week Tru-Test launches the XRS Stick Reader, the final step to providing a complete, integrated range of services for tracking, weighing and measuring animal performance.

Tru-Test’s Product Manager for Stock Management Shane Dooley says farmers will see an immediate difference using the XRS in terms of accuracy, speed, battery life, user comfort and reliability.


New Zealand’s world leading manufacturer of animal weigh scales, Tru-Test Group, has unveiled two new models, the EziWeigh5 and EziWeigh6.

Together they meet the needs of farmers who want either a no-nonsense tool for measuring animal weights (EziWeigh5) or leading edge technology to make the best use of the animal weight data (EziWeigh6).

“There’s increasing demand among farmers for animal weighing systems and, with it, a growing range of needs,” Tru-Test Product Manager Shane Dooley explains.

“The EziWeigh5 is designed to meet entry level weighing and the EziWeigh6 to make EID more accessible by bringing EID capability into the lower/mid range.” 

The EziWeigh5 and EziWeigh6 offer the largest weight display on the market.  A high contrast display that’s clearly visible in the brightest daylight and an LED backlight for visibility in failing light or in dark sheds.

Additionally, both products incorporate Tru-Test’s Superdamp III technology, making accurate live animal weights the fastest in the world, even with the liveliest animals.


Newly launched XRP Panel Reader sets new performance levels with an EID system that handles all situations.

Tru-Test Group, the world leader in animal weighing, milk metering and electric fencing systems has taken a further step to help farmers increase animal performance and profitability.

The company has launched the XRP panel reader for EID tags. The XRP comes in two variants – for sheep and cattle – and has been developed to integrate seamlessly with Tru-Test’s weigh scales.

The key performance benefits of the XRP are greater read-rates and automatic tuning.

The XRP is made in Tru-Test Group’s Auckland R&D and manufacturing facility and will, in addition to its local use, play a key role in Tru-Test Group’s ongoing international expansion. The launch of Tru-Test branded EID products is a logical step for the company, which has approximately 80% of the global livestock weigh scales market.

“Producing our own panel reader allows us to offer farmers a complete Tru-Test stock management solution in any country in the world,” said Shane Dooley, Tru-Test Group category manager

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